This game of American origin in played between five ‘hoopsters’ a side, both attempting all the while to throw an inflated large-size rubber ball into a ring fixed to a ten-feet high post at either end of the court. That is why the tall dominate this game, but not always. The Soviet Union in fact put into the fray a player standing seven-feet, two inches tall at the Olympic basketball tournament in Maxico in 1968. He was the tallest player in the history of Olympic basketball. The game of basketball made its entry into the Olympic in 1936. Right from 96 that date till 1968, the United States won the Basketball crown, the largest spell of Championships for any country in any game. The USA, the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia constitute the Big three in international Basketball. At the Montreal Olympics, the United States regained the Basketball crown, defeating Yugoslavia in the final. Yugoslavia had earlier deposed the Munich champions USSR. But the Soviet girls made up for this dicomfiture ; they won the gold and the American girls carried the silver. The United States did not take part in the Moscow Olympics where the Europeans dominated the basketball competition for the first time. Yugoslavia won the men’s division, while the Soviet Union won the women’s title. Badminton enjoys the distinction of a game that has won considerable renown for the country through a lime of skilful exponents of the game, foremost among whom are Nandu Natekar and Prakash Padukone.